About Us

It was 1950 the boys went to the shop to learn Arts and Crafts. Pietro Rianna called (Pierino) already learned to cut and sew trousers as a child. Still very young, believing in his project, in 1961 he opened his own tailor's shop.

Pietro had 3 children, two boys and a girl, the penultimate son Mario Rianna was lively and eager to learn, the afternoon after school he took him as an apprentice. Mario lived his afternoons alongside his father and uncles who produced exclusive tailored garments in the shop.

It is thanks to spending time inside the Sartoria that he learned the ancient techniques of cutting and sewing. he absorbed the passion and dedication with which they learned living in the tailor's shop.

Mario passed down his knowledge to Massimo who decided to focus on made-to-measure trousers.

MR Trousers uses the best fabrics from the most well known Italian mills. MR Trousers is also up to the challenge of realising unique trousers for unique customers. This can range from things like custom corduroy colours to custom waistband closures and side adjuster shapes.